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  1. Or, we could just stop paying extra welfare for the extra children.The chances of that are exactly ZERO. Your implication is that they will somehow become responsible and behave in a logical fashion when they have never exhibited that trait in the past. Further, you imply that the scumbagterdnozzlevotebuying Ds will not exploit the situation for votes, and we know wissin good and well that ain’t the case either.

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  3. Teri Nye I’m not sure I’m using the same version of FB. I just joined (Sep 2012), but I can’t access the admin panel that you refer to and I can’t see “insights” “manage…” etc. There’s no hide/show button or text in the upper-right corner of my page. Can you send me a screen shot of what it should look like or how to update my version? Thanks!

  4.   VestliHei Espen, Grattis med en helt grei tid pÃ¥ Oslo Maraton.NÃ¥r jeg ser pÃ¥ bilde nr 2 sÃ¥ gÃ¥r det opp for meg.. ja Darwin hadde nok rett, ang den derre teorien om utviklingen fra ape til menneske til maratonløperstadiet..

  5. I’ve been playing the heck out of Final Fantasy Dimensions, which is full of charming little references to other games and continues to play almost exactly like FF5, which is fine with me.Other than that, I got sucked back into Glitch, where I am gleefully racking up piles of Stuff for no better reason than that there is Stuff to collect.(Quiet week for me, gaming-wise, because I was out of town Thursday – Monday and thus relatively non-gaming.)

  6. Coronel,Fique de olho na Cristiano Lobo. Ela está quase aloprando, só fala da Dilma, que o cenário é favoravel a ela, defende os crimes do Lula , e diz que os progamas eleitorais vão decidir a eleição.Petralha de carteirinha. Só falta aloprar.

  7. … hmm !! numarati chestii cu limba – part time in fiecare noapte ? :=)) … hmm nu cred ca tzine de dimensiune !! nu cred ca tzine de culoare … si nici nu cred ca tzine de locul in care poate ajunge o limba 😛 … deci cu siguranta parintii vostrii au aceeasi meserie !!  

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  11. In this alternate timeline I think we can assume that Widmore, Ben, and "The Others" are dead and therefore Daniel and Penny were never born. Yeah the Boone – Locke conversation was funny because it was so ironic compared to what happened in the original timeline. So far, also not liking the new characters either, where the hell have they been for the past 5 seasons, hahaha. I really liked the episode too, despite the Sayid thing and the temple stuff. Dennis

  12. Letting go of Jennings is ridiculous. No one lets there No. 1 receiver go. Listen, I’m no cap wonk, but I know the rules have changed and I know TT has always been able to manage to keep the players he needs to. Considering Rodgers and Nelson did not bankrupt the team, I think there is room for Clay and B.J. , as well the key talent we need to win. On another note, Saine is way more versatile than Starks, he’s just not as talented. Benson is the talent. Green is the talent. Saine is insurance and special teams.

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  22. Ok, what planet are you on?You only have to look at the fuel engine, and Moore’s law to know something is not right here.The engine has not changed, and they are willing to go to war for oil.How many countries have farmers going bankrupt but no fuel oil in production. This is not a new concept, the first engine used peanut oil.My law – When ever money is being made, do not trust anyone to do the right thing.

  23. scamp is right. words are a pain in the arse. it’s a print ad. newspapers are a fast read and magazines are bought for the editorial. so posterizing print ads makes complete sense. the word-less visual ad being the ideal. but if you have to put words in, you have to. i guess.

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  34. Hey OP, the line, about eight paragraphs down, where you say, “The differences between these two characters’ journeys is summed up by a line one of the Na’vi throws at Sully when he tells them he wants to learn their ways. “You cannot fill an empty cup.” is quoted wrong.The actual quote is “it is hard to fill a cup that is already full”.

  35. I learned a while back, after being tested for 37 markers by familytreedna.com that I was ofR1b1 Haplogroup for my DNA and U6bHaplogroup for my mtDNA. I am fully aware of the ancestral origins of my family. What I would like to ask is:Do these LETTERS representing the various Haplogroups stand for something- like a place/region, or where they arbitrarily assigned a long time ago? If they do stand for something, I was wondering what the R and the U stand for. Thanks.

  36. I would love the team to get as many Latin players as possible. They play a more entertaining form of soccer that is truer to the game. The direct style of play the USWNT and European teams are using is not fun to watch, and (imo) is ruining the sport. Even though, you can win games that way, I don’t prefer to watch/support teams who play this way, and I hate the fact that this style has trickled down to our youth soccer system. I am most interested to see who the coach will be and what style of play he will employ.

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  40. its sad if u consider kim wrong…thats all liberals have, trashing anyone who doesnt agree with them (which apperently to you mark, is a good reason!)unless u will answer the questions glenn beck asks (wich u wont, ull just keep on calling names) then what i say is true

  41. OMG Erika the one you found is perfect! It is the perfect summer dress 🙂 🙂 I totally want one, only it's white and I know I will spill crap on it :PI love your eye for cheap alternatives, you rock 😀 😀

  42. Paula comentou em 5 de janeiro de 2011 às 14:31. Olás! adorei as dicas!!Julia, tem algum link ou filtro para eu ver todos os tutoriais da Mari (onde ela se maqueia)? beijos!! Feliz ano novo!!

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  52. Why did Ex Cia agent Bin Ladin turn against the USA? Was it because he provide information about Disses working in Europe who where responsible for inhumane actions or because you simply fired him over truthfull information? I'm not saying Ladins actions are correct , but why would somebody in his possition turn so far away from the his own employer?

  53. you look stunning my dear- A reader of mine just asked me to do a post for petites, and at 5' and 8.5" I really had no clue! After all, I have spent my whole life trying to figure out what looks good on me- a tall girl! haha- Anyway, I will deff refer her to your blog for some inspiration!! The whole look is perfect.With Love From Hollywood, Kier

  54. Joy to the WORLD indeed! I love sneaky gift stories like this, but I hope you didn't suffer too many days of unknowing sadness after you heard it had been sold! Enjoy your tasty alcoholic delights, and have a cozy New Year's ring-in with your friends. I imagine your wonderful Indian door table laden with treats, and I look forward to seeing what you choose to wear.

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  62. Ari, it's so respectful of you to open this up for discussion rather than becoming miffed. One more reason I appreciate your blog so much. I prefer ladies as I find it most respectful and classy. I personally have a little cringe over "girls" as referring to females obviously no longer children and find it a little demeaning but it's way down at the bottom of my list of things to be offended about!

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  65. Yum! I'm going to make these because I LOVE all things pumpkin ;)I love your newest family picture. It's been to long coming! I can't believe how big he's getting! What a sweet boy!P.S. we had to get 4 pumpkins this year too, per Lily. One for her and Katherine, and one for each of her brothers.

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  115. but I applaud you for being able to see past the nudity to the deeper message here. I feel like most folks get hung up on the wrong things because they can't see past whatever is getting them emotionally charged up. I love how you are raising these kids!!! Nina is such a lil love and the two pictures at the end are quite possible the sweetest thing I have ever seen.Loveyouevenmorenow!!Krista

  116. Hi bas1chs,That day was so scary for so many. Glad your important people are still with you today. I know we were frantic at my house since my BIL is a NYC firefighter. He had gone off duty the night before, but came back in immediately as it all happened. We didn't hear from him until late that night (and worried all day long). Times like those really make us appreciate the ones we love. Thanks for stopping by!

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